Jaggery Business Coach


Jaggery Business Coach-

Pioneer of “ Jaggery Technology and Business Seminar” more than 3500 participants benefited from this seminar

Jaggery Technology and Business Seminar

Are you facing labour problem in Jaggery Business ?

Are facing challenges in selling your jaggery?

Do you want to learn about latest Technology of Jaggery Making ?

If answer to any of above question is YES then Jaggery Business Seminar is for you .

Major Takeaways -

Modern Technology of Jaggery Making to save Rs 750 per ton processing cost on sugar cane

Low cost automation so that don’t depend on man skill

How to make your brand viral with investment of few thousand rupees.

How to start Jaggery Business with investment of Rs 50000 only

Licenses and permissions required for setting up Jaggery Business

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Pioneer of “ Jaggery King “ 6 months training and mentoring program in which 5 days are class room training and 20 weeks digital guidance and implementation course.

If you are struggling to Sell jaggery and you are giving huge discount and credit to purchaser

If you are struggling to hire and retain labour/staff

f you are not able to keep consistency in quality of your produce

If you are passionate to make your life in Jaggery Business but you don’t know how to go for it

If you have made huge investment and you are not able to make expected profit from Jaggery Business.

If sugar cane crop is available in abundance and you want to enter into Jaggery Business but you don’t know much about it .

If answer any of above question is YES then “ Jaggery King “ is the answer to all your questions.

“ Jaggery King “ is 6 months training and mentoring program to systematically tackle above problems . 

Come and join revolutionary program for which participants need to stay in Pune for 5 days only ( 3 days in beginning of course and 2 days at the end of course ) and one assignment a week for which guidance on our digital platform will be given and world class frame works for implementation will be given . If you successfully implement the frameworks , it ensure success in Jaggery Business .

This is Worlds first Dedicated Training and Mentoring Program for Jaggery Business . So come and join the revolution.